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Each piece of bone is lashed onto an adjustable hand woven wax cord that measures 70cm at full length.

  • Etched on 1 side
  • 50mm

The gift of a hand carved bone carving is worn with respect and given or received with love.  A carving that has been worn by family over many generations contains the spirit of all of those people and is a truly incredible gift to cherish.

Pre-European Maori had no written language so tribal history and the stories of the gods were kept using many forms of fine arts and these gifts were then handed down through generations of tribal elders and became sacred objects or treasures "Taonga", telling the history of a tribe.


Much of Māori theology was based around the sea and legend tells us that New Zealand was once a huge fish that was caught by Maui using woven plant fibre as a line and a bone carved hook.

The wearer of a fish hook carving or Hei-Matau is seen as a provider and protector who is strong willed and determined to succeed in life.