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Tide clocks measure the high and low tides of your local beach. The time between each high tide is 12 hours+25 mi­nutes.

Low tide occurs between each high tide ie: 6 hours+12.5 mi­nutes after high tide. To set your tide clock, google the time of the next high tide in your area, then set the tide clock to high tide at that time.


  • Tide Clock
  • Wood
  • Fish illustrations by Grace Finnigan
  • 38cm

About Moana Road:

Moana Rd is a New Zealand brand that embodies the quintessential kiwi life, with an eclectic mix of quirky Kiwiana homewares, funky fashion accessories and choice-as technology products.​

We celebrate a time when baches were simple boxes surrounded by huge lawns for back yard cricket, jandals stuck to melting asphalt roads, kids rode their bikes everywhere and hokey pokey ice-creams were part of a healthy summer diet.