Hi Ladies

One of my favourite things to do is style new looks from the current fashion collection and so I thought I'd share some of the latest ones I have come up with. The RAPT range is a great hub of womens clothing nz with boutique brands that you'll feel great in!

FASHION OOTDOf the looks I recently shot this unexpectedly became one of my faves. Its amazing sometimes you can surprise yourself with what you suit if you just have a bit of a play with different ideas and you can even do this in your own wardrobe. I will often spend a Saturday afternoon getting older clothes that have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe and pull them out and try them with some newer pieces and experiemnt with some different styling. You should try it, you'll be amazed with what you can pull together!
So this look was a surprise to me as I loved the Camel Coat, I mean how classy is that and for $185 its a total bargain but what to put it with I was a little unsure of. I popped on the Elm Melody Joggers which by the way are uber stretch and super comfy, the best jeans I have had in a long time and then grabbed an old shirt. Then I layered in the Foxwood Eva Vest and wasn't sure which directon to go with footwear but had recently purchased a new pair of boots to go with my latest Curate top and I do like a camel/natural tone with blush so popped them on and it was a winner! This was such a great look as it was cohesive with the coat on or off and its super comfy which is top of the fashion list for me these days! I just wanna wear my clothes and shine on without feeling restricted! 
Its a flattering look on me too as I 'blessed' or rather cursed with a large middle so I always feel conscious of that area. This look made it disappear as the shirts adds length and drawa your eye down and the the coat creates a nice brak through the front so that rounded middle just disappears. I also find any shoe with a little height just helps lenthen your silhouette and slims you down. If I am wearing sneakers or sandals I always try and find a platform version where poss and when buying boots I eitehr go for a chunky sole or a slight heel like you see on these ones.
So you can see even with the coat off its slimming as I have lengthened my legs with a slight heel. The shirts iss long and loose around my middle and the vest has a siching sort of effect on my slimmer waist so whether I am out and about with the coat or inside with the coat its just a combo that works!
My other fave from this shoot was the Khaki look! I generally wear an 18-20 on the bottom and so when I got the khaki Juliette Cargo Jogger from Foxwood in an 18 I was thinking its not going to fit but it did and whats better, it not only fit but it was so comfy and I didn't feel constricted like most jeans feel as they are so stretchy!
I paired these amazing Joggers with the Fatima top from Zafina which is an amazing fashion brands designed in Mt Maunganui. I went for a 20 in the top and its lovely and roomy. I do find the 2 brands from the same designer being Zafina & Seduce tend to run slightly smaller than other brands although not in everything. In this case I think the 20 was the right pick and the slightly different tone of the Olie vs the Khaki really work together. The white boots you see in ethis pic are an old pair from Alfie & Evie and oh my god have I smashed these, they just look so good with everything but sadly they are no longer available or I buy 3 more pair haha!!
Styling Tips
Now this look was channeling a sort of office look or a girls catch up at the local cocktail bar. Despite my round middle I have always found a fitted straight skirt is one of the most flattering styles as long as I cleverly cover my middle and this look does just that. This is the Onyx Skyline Skirt and one of the faves of my wardrobe right now! I have layered the Mira Shirt from Brave & True over a singlet as its a see through style but has a lovely crinkle through the light fabirc that is a petty touch. Then I have added Houndstooth Emma jacket from Zafina and sropped a belt around my middle to sit just below the line of the shirt. So like the coat I am using the jacket to slime me through the middle by creating a bit of an optical illusion splitting my front into 3 sections. The straight skirt hugs me in my slimmest parts. My shoes have a slight heel to lengthen me and the belt just adds a little glam. Now stylists tip, if you have a top under a jacket or blazer it always looks super cool if you roll the blazer sleeve up slightly and pop the sleeve out. I don't know what it is but it just looks so much more elevated than if you jut let the blazer sleeve cover it over.
So yeah what do you think? Love these looks? Would you give them a go? My top picks are definitley the Foxwood Juliette Jogger and the Elm Melody Jogger, they are jeans that fit really well and are so comfy!!
I am super proud that we offer boutique womens clothing in an all inclusive size range so plus size clothing nz is all part of the range, we cater for all shapes and sizes!
Have a great day gals!
Anj xx