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Light me to honour, to remember, to celebrate and to never forget, this gorgeous Mini version of the ECOYA Celebration candle is simply devine and a the perfect Gift for Her.  Ecoya’s Mini Celebration Candle is a beautiful, special edition release; a scent that is classic and moving, designed to send a message that is both simple yet powerful.

Scent is deeply connected to memory – quite unlike any other of our senses, actually. The smell of rosewater may remind you of your dear grandmother, while the scent the earth after a rainstorm may recall your childhood years dashing about in puddles. Chances are, when you lift the lid off any Ecoya candle, you’ll find meaning in its fragrance.

Within the Mini Celebration Candle, the freshness of citrus and green notes create a mossy feel, leading to a rich, floral heart. Finished with a creamy base of vanilla, balsam and sandalwood, this candle can be given as a gift, with love, so that new memories can be created.

Embrace the beauty of the Ecoyasphere.

Mini Celebration Candle features:

  • Handmade in Australia by Ecoya’s team of master candlemakers.
  • Made from hand-poured soy wax – a natural alternative to paraffin (petroleum) candles.
  • Wick made from pure lead-free cotton.
  • Candle is poured into a beautiful glass jar, accompanied by a lid lined with a seal.
  • Up to 25 hours burn time.
  • Beautifully presented in a silver and white gift box with a simple 'XO' print with a timeless message, With Love. 

Weight: 80g.
Height: 9cm.